Residents drop-in sessions to be held at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday 11th September and Thursday 13th September 2018

Liverpool Football Club is hosting two drop-in sessions. The purpose of the sessions is for local residents who live around Anfield to find out more information about the Club’s planning application to host concerts and major events at the stadium. 

We are aware that some members of the local community have raised concerns and questions regarding the application; in particular how events will be managed and how we will minimise disruption to our neighbours. Before the planning application is presented back to the Committee we would like to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the plans and provide feedback.

Full details of the drop-in sessions are below:

At: Reds Lounge, Kenny Dalglish Stand, Anfield Stadium

On: Tuesday 11th September and Thursday 13th September 2018

Between: 3.00pm - 8.00pm

Parking is available on Anfield Road and Stanley Park Car Park.

At these drop-in sessions you will be able to view more information about the application; meet with senior Club officials and discuss the proposals with them; provide feedback, and also learn more about the ongoing work and improvements we’re making around the stadium on matchdays and in the community.

Your feedback is important to us and will help us to improve how we continue to engage with the local community and work proactively with our partners on matchday and event operations, further improving how we minimise the impact on our neighbours around the stadium.

Click here to view the banners from the drop-in sessions

Liverpool Football Club has submitted an application to Liverpool City Council to increase the use of Anfield Stadium.

The Club has applied to host up to ten concerts or other events a year, including non-team sporting events.

Here you can find out more information about the plans and answers to some commonly asked questions:

The events that we are proposing would include:

  • Music concerts.
  • Non-team sporting events, such as boxing.

LFC currently hosts the following events at Anfield:

  • Liverpool FC first, reserve, youth and Liverpool FC Women home Association Football team fixtures.
  • The screening of LFC team away Association Football games.
  • Other domestic cup competition football fixtures.
  • International (club and national team) football fixtures.
  • Rugby League and Rugby Union fixtures.

The Planning Approval to expand the stadium through redevelopment of the Main Stand defined the events that the pitch could be used for. Liverpool FC now wants to broaden these uses so that Anfield can be used to host a wider range of events.

If successful with the proposal, events could take place at the Stadium from May 2019.

Music and boxing events will mainly take place from mid-May to the end of June annually, after the football season has finished, and mostly during evenings and weekends, at similar times to the existing football matches. There will be no events in July and August.

Typically we expect all events to be finished by 11.00pm.

Infrequently, the finish time of events may extend beyond 11.00pm. All concerts and other major events will be subject of an individual Event Management Plan which is necessary as part of the separate licencing regime. The Event Management Plan will include measures to minimise impacts and disruption to those living in the surrounding area.

Liverpool FC will be responsible for the event operations and will obtain special licenses. Liverpool FC will work closely with professional events promoters.

The proposal to broaden the uses of Anfield Stadium is consistent with Liverpool City Council’s aspiration to use music and sport to attract more visitors to the City.

Additional events will also bring economic benefits to the City region, more job opportunities for people in the area and increased revenue for local businesses.

The additional events would be similar to or less significant than the activity taking place on a typical match-day. The expected event capacity for most events will be between 47,000 and 50,000, which is lower than an average match day, with very occasional events of up to 60,000 for in the round concerts. Those attending events are also more likely to plan travel arrangements in advance.

An event management plan would be devised for each event which would help ensure than any potential disruption for local residents is minimised.

Noise impact assessments have been carried out. If approved, each additional event will have a noise management plan to ensure that potential noise impacts are mitigated and minimised. This will also include the construction and dismantling of sets and sound checks.

The noise assessment related to the planning application is available to view on the Liverpool City Council website here.

To ensure the transport impact on local residents is minimised, a Transport Management Plan would be in place similar to that used on match-days.

The framework Transport Strategy relating to the planning application is available to view on the Liverpool City Council website here.

It is anticipated that additional events would have similar or reduced impact on local parking as existing match-day arrangements for most events.

All Liverpool FC controlled car parks will be available on event days and the current Football Match Parking Zone (FMPZ) will be extended to cover the period when events are held.

Three possible stage settings are being considered dependent upon the requirements of the particular event:

  • North east facing stage – In front of the Anfield Road Stand (end-on)
  • South west facing stage – In front of the Kenny Dalglish Stand (side-on)
  • Central stage
  1. Current football use: 54,074
  2. End-on stage (approx.): 50,000
  3. Side-on Stage (approx.) : 47,000
  4. Central stage (approx.): 60,000
  5. For end-on and side-on configurations all seats behind the stage are not sold as the spectators will not be able to see the concert.

Crowd modelling has been used to determine the safe capacity for spectators on the pitch. This information has informed the total stadium capacities for each stage configuration mentioned above.

The bespoke Event Management Plan which is required to obtain a licence for each event will need to include details of matters relating to safety and evacuation.

Concerts and non-team sporting events would require special event licence which is a separate and rigorous process. It is our intention for the first events to be held in the summer of 2019.


How can I find out more about the proposals?

You can find out more by visiting:

Here you can:

    1. View the planning applications and supporting technical documents (noise, transport and ecology assesments).
    2. Comment on the application by contacting Liverpool City Council. You will also be able to provide comments at the forthcoming drop-in sessions.

The planning application reference number is 18F/1632